Ethics Essentials: 3 key benefits for effective E&C training

While ethics and compliance is a topic that encompasses many complex matters, providing digestible E&C education and aligning with regulation shouldn’t be a struggle. Last year, LRN analyzed E&C data from 286 companies and 8.1 million course completions to determine how to best help companies effectively meet their E&C training challenges. We used the results to develop LRN Essentials, an E&C solution that gives businesses the ability to easily meet regulatory requirements and reduce risk while leading with ethical principles and promoting a culture of compliance within their organizations. Combining a curated selection of training courses, delivery tools, and access to consultation and insight from the wider LRN community, this solution is designed with one goal in mind: improving effectiveness. Here are three key benefits of LRN Essentials to help you succeed with your ethics and compliance training. 

1) Curate effective training in critical E&C areas with interactive learning elements 

LRN Essentials provides a data-driven selection of critical ethics and compliance courses, tailored to provide regional and language relevance. All courses include additional learning campaigns assets—such as videos, gaming challenges, and infographics—to aid with knowledge retention and raise E&C awareness.  

  • Anti-harassment and discrimination: A comprehensive collection of courses to meet requirements for U.S. federal and U.S. state laws—including CA, NY, ME, CT, IL, DE—as well as the U.K., India, and Canada. 
  • Code of conduct: A critical course that includes 20 topics to choose from that fit your organization’s code and code best practices. 
  • Data protection and privacy: Courses featuring commonplace scenarios to help your staff better protect data and confidential information, spot potential risks, and understand the impact of a data breach on your organization. 
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion: An area that continues to increase in organizational priority, courses in this area help organizations understand systemic DEI issues (such as microaggressions), share experiences, build empathy, and reflect on how they can create more inclusive work environments. 

Translations for courses in these categories are available in five core languages—including Spanish, Portuguese, German, French (EU), French (Canada). 

2) Deliver effective communications and drive completions using a dynamic LMS 

Effective E&C training should facilitate ongoing conversations about how to think and act ethically. How do you make that happen? As LRN Senior Advisor Susan Divers explains in the e-book How to create engaging E&C training, “If you want to get a key concept across, you have to create several touchpoints that allow people to demonstrate what they’ve learned.” In addition to educational content, LRN Essentials provides access to Catalyst Reach, LRN’s compliance learning system that allows you to create and deliver high-impact, continual learning campaigns for E&C training.  

Catalyst Reach makes managing your training program easy. You can: 

  • Launch your curated selection of ethics and compliance courses. 
  • Automate assignments to help save program managers’ time. 
  • Communicate important updates and reminders about your training to your staff. 
  • Track completions of courses and other training elements. 
  • Deploy learner surveys to understand what learners found engaging or in need of improvement. 

Catalyst Reach also helps ensure your training is effective for every learner. It is mobile-ready, section 508 and WCAG accessible, custom-branded, and scalable. 

3) Elevate your overall program with guidance from the wider E&C community 

Developing and delivering effective E&C training requires many hands and minds. LRN Essentials connects you with industry peers and  experts to gather deeper insights around what makes for effective E&C training and how you can improve your own efficacy. You’ll have access to:  

  • Networking opportunities and peer roundtables 
  • Industry benchmarking studies 
  • Program and professional promotion 
  • Code of conduct design 

The key takeaway 

In a period where effectiveness matters more and more to ethics and compliance, LRN Essentials includes the education and platform elements you need to get a high-impact and automated E&C training program up and running. To learn more about how to bolster your program’s effectiveness, check out these resources: