LRN Launches Exclusive E&C Offering: Ethics Essentials

NEW YORK (3/10/2021) – LRN Corporation, a pioneer in the ethics and compliance (E&C) space, has launched Ethics Essentials, a new offering designed to help companies effectively meet their E&C training challenges. 

LRN’s Ethics Essentials provides companies with high quality E&C education and software. Packaged for frictionless and fast rollout of a world-class compliance program, Ethics Essentials places minimal demands on internal resources.  

In developing Ethics EssentialsLRN analyzed E&C datfrom 286 companies and 8.1 million course completions. The result is an E&C solution designed to give businesses the ability to easily meet regulatory requirements and reduce risk while leading with ethical principles and promoting a culture of compliance within their organizations. 

For many companies, particularly those with small ethics and compliance teams, deploying a highly effective E&C program has long been a challenge,” said Matt PlassGlobal Head of Segments at LRN. “Until now, they’ve been faced with lengthy implementation times, and overly complex content configurations. We’ve looked at the data and met with many of our existing  partners to develop packaged solution that simplifies the development and delivery of a truly impactful E&C program. 

LRNEthics Essentials provides data-driven selection of nine critical ethics and compliance courses, tailored to provide regional and language relevance. All include additional learning campaigns assets – such as videos, gaming challenges, and infographics – to aid with knowledge retention and raise E&C awareness. 

The Ethics Essentials courses feature: 

  • Code of Conducta critical course that allows a choice of topics to align with an organizations code. 
  • Anti-Harassment: a comprehensive course to meet requirements for U.S. Federal and U.S. States including CA, NY, ME, CT, IL, DE, as well as the UK, India, and Canada. 
  • Seven foundational courses: Anti-Bribery, Anti-Trust, Cyber Security, Conflicts of Interest, Data Privacy, Ethical Workplace, GDPR, Trade Compliance, and Workplace Diversity. 
  • Translations into Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Polish, and Dutch. Other languages available on demand. 
  • CustomizationsOptions for incorporating branding, policy, and hotline information. 

Too often, E&C training is outdated and boring, resulting in low employee engagement and high levels of dissatisfaction. Most training is designed to teach definitions – and fails to result in retention and application of knowledge,” said Marie Burke, Chief Content Officer at LRN. “Instead, E&C education – regardless of company size or budget – should be engaging, have a modern look, address grey areas, and be interactive. I’m so thrilled that we can put the best E&C education in the market in front of a new audience.” 

In addition to educational content, Ethics Essentials provides access to a powerful SaaS platform, Catalyst. It can be used in conjunction with an existing learning management system (LMS) or as a comprehensive, standalone LMS for launching, managing, automating, and measuring the success of aE&C program. 

The LRN Catalyst SaaS platform provides: 

  • Customized employee learning sitean intuitive platform that is mobile ready, section 508 and WCAG accessiblecustom-branded, and scalable. 
  • Program Management: simple course deployment, automated assignments, employee communications, and integrated data. 
  • Detailed data analytics: capability to measure program performance, track completions, spot risk areas, understand learner interactions, and report on program effectiveness. 

LRN Ethics Essentials is now available. E&C program managers can sign up to preview our most popular ethics and compliance content at 

About LRN Corporation 
LRN’s mission is to inspire principled performance. Since 1994, LRN has helped over 25 million people at more than 700 companies worldwide simultaneously navigate complex legal and regulatory environments and make ethical decisions, and has also helped hundreds of companies foster ethical, responsible, and inclusive cultures. LRN’s combination of practical tools, education, and strategic advice helps companies translate their values into concrete corporate practices and leadership behaviors that create sustainable competitive advantage. In partnership with LRN, companies need not choose between living principles and maximizing profits, or between enhancing reputation and growing revenue: all are a product of principled performance. As a global company, LRN works with organizations in more than 100 countries. 

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