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Your Feedback on My Principled Performance

LRN's CEO reflects on the LRN principled Performance Process and requested that each of this 300 colleagues evaluate his own principled performance as CEO of LRN. Read the full letter below.


Dear Colleagues,

I have been reflecting on the first phase of our PPR process we completed this past week.  As I was composing my assessments as a close or extended network member, I found it inspiring to observe and experience our Leadership Framework come to life in my reflections about so many of our valued colleagues.  I hope you found the process similarly enlightening – and I further hope the insights you gained will stimulate our thinking as we go forward to complete the 2011 PPRs, innovate for next year and ultimately create valuable new IP for our partners and the world.

I know that even this first phase was a great commitment of time, effort and passion, and that many of you completed assessments of ten, twenty, thirty, or more colleagues. 

I’d nonetheless like to invite all of you to complete one more assessment:  mine.  I would value participation by each and every one of you who has anything or something – the proverbial ‘good, bad or ugly’ -- to share with me about my principled performance in 2011.  In keeping with our PPR process’ fundamental tenet, all I ask is that you use our values of integrity, humility, passion and truth and our Leadership Framework, as the basis for whatever assessments and comments you provide. 

You will shortly be receiving an invitation from DecisionWise to provide this feedback.  The link you will receive will be open for the next ten days.

As part of my continued efforts and commitment to better lead and contribute to LRN’s progress as an organization, and to impacting the world with our work and mission, it will be a great opportunity for me to hear from you and then reflect on my performance armed with important insights on how you experienced my leadership, contributions and behavior on LRN’s behalf in 2011.  A final thought:  We are each required to designate mentors.  I want you to know I consider every one of you my mentor.

All the best,