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Ethics & Compliance Program Management: Insights from The HOW Report

In 2010 and 2011, LRN conducted groundbreaking research by way of its Governance, Culture and Leadership Assessment. The Assessment is a diagnostic tool that consists of over sixty questions designed to help a company discover and quantify whether and to what extent the characteristics of a self-governing culture are present among employees, and the impact that the presence or absence of those characteristics has on business performance.

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HOW Do I Retire?

In today’s world, people’s careers don’t end like they used to.

Gone are the gold watches, and the retirement dinners and celebrations. Instead, many people find themselves leaving their jobs earlier than they wanted…they become over-priced, or outdated and find themselves faced with the choice of “early retirement” or downsizing. Others find that they cannot afford to “retire” and end up working far longer than want, often taking jobs that are not meaningful to them.
Often, people just stop working…and retirement is not a “line in the sand” but, rather, a fuzzy construct that offers little certainty about whether someone is truly “retired”.

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Why The HOW Report Matters

We manage what we measure. That’s a cliché, right? Right.

But clearly we’ve been measuring too many of the wrong things otherwise we wouldn’t be in the situation we’re in today. We keep measuring the short-term, the expedient things, the here-and-now, the fast buck. What if we focused on measuring more sustainable aspects of governance, culture and leadership like the conditions that create winning behaviors and the behaviors that will give us a fighting chance of thriving in a world that gets more challenging and keeps changing at ever-increasing rates.

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