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Where Do Coffee and Company Missions Intersect?

Almost every morning for the past several months to start my day, I would take my two Chocolate Labrador Retrievers with me on a short walk to my neighborhood Starbucks, located across the street from historic Wrigley Field in Chicago, where I would order my cup of coffee for the day.  Several months ago I noticed the baristas started asking me how my day was when I walked into the store. After a few weeks, the baristas began to say before I ordered, “do you want your usual drink?” This made me smile every time.   I realized that the baristas were reaching out to connect with me and build a relationship with me and this made me feel good.  

Then one day, I went in and stopped for 30 seconds to browse the baked goods counter, and the baristas had my drink ready before I ordered and paid.  That really caught my attention! I started talking to one of the baristas in the store that day about what I just experienced since I was delighted by their service. 
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