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The Board Role In Ethics And Compliance

For compliance programs, "tone at the top" is a frequently used (but little examined) term.  Just how does a board of directors determine and establish a practical system of ethics that will reach throughout the corporate structure?  What elements are needed?  How can the board gauge the effectiveness of its efforts?  What approaches work best-and which lead to failure?

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Topics: Ethics & Compliance, Culture, Leadership, Corporate Culture, Values, Tone At The Top

Amazon-Gate: The New Normal And Lessons For Leaders

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Topics: Culture, Corporate Culture

Exposing Your Corporate Character

Last week the New York Times contained three separate stories, all in a single section (Business Day), that in some way or another, dealt specifically with the importance of alignment between your corporate character and your public capital, i.e. your reputation.

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Topics: Culture, Leadership, Corporate Culture, Corporate Character

Electronic Mentors

The world is addicted to Smart Phones. 
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