LRN Joins THE INITIATIVE: Advancing the Blue and Black Partnership


LRN Joins THE INITIATIVE: Advancing the Blue and Black Partnership 

A leader in helping companies foster ethical, responsible, and inclusive cultures,  

LRN creates new learning modules for law enforcement to support safer practices for community policing  

NEW YORK (5/5/2021) – LRN Corporation, a pioneer in the ethics and compliance space that works with more than 700 companies, announced today that it has joined THE INITIATIVE: Advancing the Black & Blue Partnership. This nonprofit organization was founded by Howard University alumni in the summer of 2020 following the death of George Floyd and seeks systemic change in community-police relations through effective community policing. The mission of THE INITIATIVE is to heal the community-police relationship and create communities where all are seen and heard.  

LRN has committed to creating and producing, on a pro bono basis, seven fully custom on-demand e-learning modules on topics ranging from mindfulness to procedural justice that will be available to law enforcement communities across the United States. The first e-learning module, “Operation: Brain Strategies,” is hosted on LRN’s robust learning management system and is available now for law enforcement through THE INITIATIVE. The content was developed through a creative partnership between THE INITIATIVE, mindfulness educator Gina Rollo White and LRN. This course teaches law enforcement officers tactical strategies for training their brains to respond effectively, rather than reacting impulsively, when confronted with the incredibly stressful situations they encounter in real-life policing. A less reactive mindset allows officers to respond in a manner that is safer for everyone, themselves included. 

“Our shared commitment to justice and racial equality is central to what we do and how we do it,” says David Greenberg, special advisor, LRN Corporation. “We are proud to partner with THE INITIATIVE to develop this essential resource that is particularly timely, relevant, and necessary to move communities forward.”  

“The collaboration with LRN — and the creativity, passion, and excellence of the team and technology that went into the production — far surpasses anything that money could buy,” remarks Nadine Jones, founder and executive director of THE INITIATIVE. “LRN brings exceptional quality and heart to these efforts, and we hope that the law enforcement community can feel that compassion lies at the heart of this program created just for them.”  

In scores of interviews with law enforcement and local municipalities conducted by the founders of THE INITIATIVE in the last year, it became clear that officer wellness needs to be prioritized. For this reason, mindfulness is the focus of the first e-learning module available to officers. Already, departments in states including Virginia, Maryland, Oklahoma, Georgia, Michigan, and New Jersey are assessing the program. THE INITIATIVE aims to have 100 agencies as confirmed partners by year’s end, including active participation in the e-learning program by both officer and civilian staff.  

Wayne Harris, a retired deputy police chief from Rochester, NY, who is board chair of the Law Enforcement Active Partnership and an advisor to THE INITIATIVE, calls the program with LRN essential. “It’s rare to see this kind of quality content focused on mental health in an e-learning platform for officers,” he said. “Being aware of personal mental health trauma caused by the job oftentimes goes unrecognized by officers — and even by leadership — and yet I’d argue this recognition and education are exactly what is needed most right now. I’d encourage agencies to look at the program.”  

LRN regularly focuses on how core values apply to everyday workplace situations to help guide the everyday behaviors that matter, understanding that true engagement happens when training courses require meaningful interactions. Fully customized training courses complement LRN’s advisory services and core library of ethics and compliance training materials, including its recent DEI series. Visit LRN to learn more about bespoke courses and the full DEI course offering. This includes new courses on antiracism, where 95% of learners said they had a better understanding of the subject and would approach a work situation differently in the future based on the learnings.  

THE INITIATIVE: Advancing the Blue and Black Partnership is one of several ways LRN engages with communities around the world. Learn more about LRN’s community commitment and relationships with high-impact organizations at 

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THE INITIATIVE: Advancing the Blue and Black Partnership was founded by a group of Howard University Alumni and friends committed to healing the community-police relationship and building healthier communities. THE INITIATIVE identifies programs that bring police and diverse communities together, intended to build productive relationships. THE INITIATIVE’s approach involves partnering with stakeholders to evolve legal and institutional practices and implement scalable solutions that create systemic change in policing practices. Visit Blue and Black Partnership for more information and follow on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.