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July 26, 2019
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Challenges When Updating your Compliance Training Program

A compliance training program is a vital part of any business, and there are several challenges to be considered before investing in compliance training – primarily how to engage your employees and create a culture of compliance within the organization.  You may be surprised to learn that an online compliance training program, using a variety of digital resources, can help you successfully deliver compliance education in a cost-effective and efficient way that will also change behavior.

So what should you consider when designing your compliance training.

1. Engaging employees

It might be tempting to think that compliance courses are a necessary fact of life and whether they are enjoyable or boring is not really a key consideration. All too often, they are viewed as ‘box-ticking’ exercises that must be completed as quickly as possible. However, dull and incoherent training is counterproductive for all concerned. To achieve the most value from your compliance training program, all employees need to complete the training with a full understanding of how it impacts their role and how the knowledge can actually be used. And this is best achieved with training that deals with real-life scenarios in an interesting, relevant and enjoyable way.

The possibilities presented by digital solutions, such as Interactive Services’ compliance e-learning, allow organizations to deliver a customizable, interesting and interactive experience that enables employees to learn the required content in a meaningful way at their own pace.

Our Tips

  • Compliance and ethics training too often focuses on facts and legal jargon,  but the best training focuses on the day-to-day experience of being compliant. This leads to long-term behavioral change that can have a hugely positive impact on the organization and even, indirectly, to wider society.
  • Stories with a clear narrative to illustrate key points engage the audience, particularly if they have an emotional impact with real-life examples to emphasize why training is necessary.
  • Training should not be short, direct and to the point.
  • Quizzes and assessments should allow employees to apply their new knowledge and skills to a variety of possible workplace scenarios.

2. Keeping up-to-date with regulations

Regulations frequently change as do the interpretations of how companies should abide by them. You need a digital solution that can be quickly and easily updated with training materials. At Interactive Services, we update our eLearning materials every year with input from our legal partners, Cordery Compliance.

The best digital resources can be quickly and easily updated. Our Integrity library makes adding and editing content a breeze.

3. Anytime, Anywhere

Increasingly, we all access content on our smartphones. If you limit your compliance learning to a desktop or PC monitor,  you miss out on a massive opportunity to target your personnel whilst at work or in their own time. Many employees actually prefer to complete mandatory training at home, in their own time.

Providing a high-quality training platform for online resources that can be accessed on demand allows your employees to complete their statutory training wherever and whenever they want. Staff will appreciate the flexibility, and the knowledge and skills are far more likely to be retained and utilized if they are acquired when most needed.

Never forget that employees are busy and find it hard to make time for training. Equip employees with the tools they need to access your tailored compliance course on-demand and eliminate the need to wait for new content to be published.

4. Evaluating the efficacy of compliance eLearning

Beyond completion metrics and assessment scores, many organizations find it difficult to evaluate their compliance training via their existing learning management system (LMS). Increasingly,  businesses are opting for learning platforms capable of delivering latest-generation analytics that allow you to track real-time data, such as:

  • Time on screen
  • Question level tracking
  • Test down scores
  • Time to completion
  • Engagement scores

Interactive Services provide cutting edge compliance online training to over 3 million people built on over 20 years of experience in the sector. Our integrated solutions that are mobile ready will provide your employees with a rich and fully customizable learning experience. If you would like to find out more information about our range of compliance eLearning services, contact us for a free trial.


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