Award-winning work on diversity, equity, and inclusion for Dell Technologies


Award-winning work on diversity, equity, and inclusion for Dell Technologies 

We are thrilled to report that LRN and Dell Technologies are joint winners of a Brandon Hall Group award for excellence in DEI learning programs. The Silver Award win, for the category Best Learning Program That Supports and Promotes Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, was announced in a live webcast on August 19, 2021.  

Standing Strong Together: Confronting Racial Inequity 

Standing Strong Together: Confronting Racial Inequity is the award-winning course jointly developed by Dell and LRN. The course was custom created to cover the dimensions of diversity, with a focus on interactive learning scenarios, to enable Dell team members to identify, address, and resolve racial inequities in the workplace using real-life stories. (An example: an owner of a top-rated law firm was once mistaken as one of the firm’s clients and was told he needed to cut his hair to be successful.) The course allows for choose-your-own-path scenarios as part of the learning journey to help learners understand the impact of racial bias. The course is foundational to Dell’s Diversity & Inclusion initiative and was completed by 100% of Dell’s global workforce in late 2020. 

The course was born in the summer of 2020 in the weeks following the murder of George Floyd. Dell Technologies’ CEO and Chairman, Michael Dell, issued a memo to employees on June 1, 2020, sharing “listening” conversations he’d had over the prior week and how talking with team members was the first step in a series of actions to ensure that each and every team member feels respected, safe, and valued at Dell. The Standing Strong Together campaign was launched with the goal of creating a truly inclusive culture at Dell Technologies and directed the Global Ethics and Compliance team to create a mandatory course for all employees that not only served as educational but also propelled action. 

Standing Strong Together: Confronting Racial Inequity is among several projects we’ve partnered on with Dell in the last year. Learn more about the mobile app created with Dell that brings courses, key contacts, and an indexed code of conduct to their team members so they can find what they need, when they need it, wherever they are. 

Diversity, equity, and inclusion learning programs 

Dell has been a consistent leader in influencing and driving positive change in the communities in which they operate and serve. The company is a key signatory to the Business Roundtable’s Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation and its business purpose is to create technologies that drive human progress. At LRN, our mission and purpose are to inspire principled performance and help people around the world do the right thing. We do this through advisory services, refreshed library courses, a SaaS education, analytics, and certification platform, and custom learning content. Our inventive instructional designers and creators on the Content team were instrumental in the making of this custom DEI course, and we are honored to share this Brandon Hall Group recognition. 

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