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Leslie Quinton

Leslie is a leader in Strategic Communication Practice at LRN
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Marshall McLuhan was Never More Right: Why How We Communicate Matters More than Our Message

If you ever had any doubt about how the medium really IS the message, I would like you to take this simple test. Think about the last time you had to say something difficult to someone: you’re fired, I don’t love you anymore, you have disappointed me. How much time did you think about the words? And how much time did you consider the timing and the means by which you would tell them – in person, by email, a note left on the counter? And where, when?

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Topics: Communication, HOW, Corporate Culture

Exposing Your Corporate Character

Last week the New York Times contained three separate stories, all in a single section (Business Day), that in some way or another, dealt specifically with the importance of alignment between your corporate character and your public capital, i.e. your reputation.

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Topics: Culture, Leadership, Corporate Culture, Corporate Character