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Reflections on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day ...



Dear Colleagues,


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How retailers could really show they care: Ask Bangladeshis to send anonymous texts about work conditions

The structural failure that caused a Bangladesh factory to collapse and kill more than 1,100 clothing workers wasn’t just about concrete and steel. Such a catastrophe goes straight to the heart of how companies operate in an ecosystem of global interdependency.

Yet somehow the debate is focused on whether or not Western retailers will sign an agreement to help prevent fires and building collapses in Bangladesh.

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Are You a Social Media Narcissist? Good and Bad Ways to Love Yourself Online

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Moving from 'how much' to HOW

This piece was previously published in The Human Factor.

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In the Face of Crisis, Don't Let Sorrow Replace Resiliency - A note from Dov Seidman

Many LRN colleagues living in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut areas were greatly impacted by the devastation left in the wake of Hurricane Sandy last week. In the aftermath of the storm, LRN CEO Dov Seidman wrote the following note to his fellow colleagues to express his thoughts and support as we began to recover from the effects of the storm and continue to do so in the days and weeks to come.

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(Almost) Everything We Think About Employee Engagement is Wrong

For years, the business world’s approach to managing employee engagement has been out to lunch.

“Out to lunch” as when executives tell managers to get their employees “more engaged” by taking them out to Olive Garden more often.
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Your Feedback on My Principled Performance

LRN's CEO reflects on the LRN principled Performance Process and requested that each of this 300 colleagues evaluate his own principled performance as CEO of LRN. Read the full letter below.

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C-Level: Social Enterprises, Steak Dinners and Becoming Truly Social

I’m concerned that the social transformation we keep hearing about has a couple of glitches.

First, our collective understanding of what it means to be a social enterprise needs to be re-defined. What does it mean to be social? The second issue is that if we continue to act in a socially uninformed and uninspired manner, some of our new social enterprises may suffer the same fate that took down so many e-businesses at the beginning of this century.

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The Super Bowl's Inspirational Leader

Forget about winning the Super Bowl this Sunday. New York Giants Head Coach Tom Coughlin is demonstrating to the world what a winning approach to 21st Century leadership looks like.

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The Return on Responsibility

Originally appeared on

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