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(Almost) Everything We Think About Employee Engagement is Wrong

For years, the business world’s approach to managing employee engagement has been out to lunch.

“Out to lunch” as when executives tell managers to get their employees “more engaged” by taking them out to Olive Garden more often.
Survey statistics drive home our engagement ignorance. For years, employee engagement scores have declined despite the millions of dollars companies invest to boost sagging workforce morale. Engagement experts and practitioners continue to make commendable and reasoned efforts to encourage companies to better focus on and improve their engagement. Many of these professionals have been quite thoughtful in their approaches. That being said, shouldn’t we see scores improving? Unfortunately, a recent Towers Watson survey indicated that nearly two–thirds of U.S. employees are not fully engaged in their work and are less productive as a result. In response to survey results like this, executives exhort managers to spend even more time with their employees.
What if the lunch is disingenuous, boring, cheesy or even nasty? What if the additional time employees spend with their managers is tortuous and mundane rather than constructive, collaborative and inspirational? We know all too well what happens: employee engagement keeps plummeting, as it has for years.  Once again, we’ve been applying a “how much” solution to a “HOW” problem.

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