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20 Years in Ethics & Compliance: Gaming Compliance

Gaming Compliance By Nicolas Carr & Robert Gulick

Twenty years ago, LRN invented values-based compliance education and began helping companies “get” compliance. Along the way, we’ve continued to rethink and reinvent compliance education, communication, and training for CLOs and CECOs.

As we look toward the next 20 years, we’re in a unique position to once again reinvent compliance education for future generations. And what we’re seeing are learners becoming increasingly familiar wither interactive, game-like, feature-rich experiences on their tablets and smartphones. This is where gamification comes into focus.

Gamification, in short, is the application of game mechanics to non-game situations in order to improve engagement and motivation. Today, we have the opportunity to take lessons learned in more game-mature areas, such as marketing and employee engagement, and map them to what we are trying to achieve in governance, culture, and leadership (GCL). The goal: compelling education experiences that make a lasting impression and drive ethical behavior.

We’re not saying gamification is the answer to every learning situation. But it is especially effective at giving learners the opportunity to apply their understanding of legal topics in a safe environment and encouraging learners to progress through content, motivate action, and influence behavior.

We can do this in two ways:

1. We can add game-like elements at a structural level, with challenges, points, goals, and leaderboards that engage and encourage adults to learn.

2. We can “gamify” at the content level, where the content itself is turned into a game with an immersive storyline.

And looking even further forward, when wearable technology becomes the norm, we have exciting possibilities to create behavior-changing experiences beyond gamification. Putting privacy issues aside for a minute, we’ll have the capability of deploying compliance training outside the office and into the real world.

Simulations where learners can navigate bribery requests in dangerous parts of the globe. Check.

Games where learners must interact with customers in a principled way to make a sale. Check.

Real-time, on-the-job feedback that aligns with a company’s code and values. Check.

Such evolution, of course, comes with a number of risks, and each one will need to be dealt with appropriately. But the future of compliance training is changing, and the possibilities are exciting.

One thing is for sure: LRN will continue to innovate over the next 20 years, as it serves CLOs and CECOs with best practice, values-based compliance education and training.

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